The best bra for sore breasts during pregnancy

Are you having sore breast and looking for the best bra for sore breasts during pregnancy. We have prepared a list of top bras you can go for.

1…PRETTY WELL Sleep Bras for Women


You wouldn’t want a bra with underwire. This one does not have an underwire. It also has wide straps to support your lactating breast. The wide straps do not dig at the shoulder either.

It features removable pads that you can always remove to add comfortability to your sore breasts.

Is Italy imported, Italy is known for producing quality clothing.

The good thing is that this bra is available for many breast sizes.

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2…Kindred Bravely French Terry Racerback Busty Nursing Sleep Bra for E, F, G, H, I Cup | Maternity Bra for Breastfeeding

As you can see from the image above, this bra is ideally supportive. The cups overlapping adds attractiveness to this bra.

The wide straps are designed to reduce shoulder digging to a great extent.

If you have sore breast, this is a perfect pick because they have soft cups which are not padded at all.

There are no hooks on this bra

This means it will be a comfy experience in this bra, You can even sleep in it.

The wide cup’s design is to ensure that even large breasts can comfortably fit in there not to mention the racerback design for firm support of your ladies all time.

The cool thing about this bra is that you will still be wearing it even after delivery.


This because it features an easy pull-aside child feeding access. How cool is that?

Even after your kid has stopped breastfeeding, you could use this bra for other activities such as yoga, athletics, or other types of ports.

Actually, most women said that this is the best bra for sore breasts during the pregnancy period.

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3…CAKYE 3 Pack Maternity Nursing Bra for Sleep Cotton Breastfeeding Bras

The way it is easy to whoop out your boobs with this bra is just amazing. It also has a soft cotton material that will be ultra soft on your sore breasts.

The structure of this bra is ideal for maintaining your breast in place at all times.

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4…Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Wire-Free Bra

With this bra, you are spoilt for a choice of color. You won’t miss your favorite color with this bra.

It is absolutely soft on your skin and especially a good recommendation to people with sore breasts.

It easy to remove your breast when you want to breastfeed although it does not allow a boob to poke out when you don’t need it to.

It has firm slightly wide straps to fully support your boobs. It has a hook and eye closure and wire-free as well. This bra does its lifting job pretty well.

However, this bra would work well on people with a small bust.

For bigger busts, try the two bras above this.

If you correctly follow the measuring instructions, you will get a fitting bra for your boobs.

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5…CAKYE 3 Pack Racerback Maternity Nursing Sleep Bra for Breastfeeding

This  bra works the similarly to Number 3 above.

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